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Opine Group has been instrumental in developing innovative models for industry-academia partnership for BI training. Having delivered BI training for leading educational institutes like Symbiosis, MIT, Indira Institute, Balaji Institute etc., we are creating new frontiers in industry connect with the institutes

We are going to give job oppournity and get chance to know Business Intelligence
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We are a group of senior Business Intelligence experts with the passion and definite objective to leverage the ever expanding base of data and drive 'change' in every sphere using Business Intelligence.

With knowledge precipitated from the data, we use Business Intelligence and Analytics to enable intelligent, timely and actionable decisions and deliver greater value from same resources for you.

  • Group of 75+ senior Business Intelligence experts
  • Advisor group of Domain Experts
  • 1000+ yrs of industry experience with over 75 consultants

We are working in different sector like

- Consulting Services
- Educational Services
- Staffing Services

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