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Qlikview Online Training Program

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Online / Training
Dec 08, 2020 - Dec 02, 2021
INR  16,000.00


What is qlikview?

QlikView is an In-memory BI platform. The QlikView Business intelligence delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making which is relevant to every business user. In other words, Qlikview is software that makes it possible to retrieve and assimilate data from different sources. Once loaded into the program, the data is presented in a way that is easy to understand and work with.

Qlikview training helps you in making selection in Qlikview, you don't need any previous knowledge of databases or search routines. Qlikview online training in Hyderabad also teaches you creation of graphic and table to get a better overview of the data that can be exported to other programs.

Why I learn QlikView?QlikView online training in Hyderabad course integrates both the building of the back-end underlying analytic calculations with the front-end user interface. With this the complete Business Intelligence solution, developers have the one place to build, instead of having to use different BI tools for dashboards and reports. Finally, resulting QlikView application provides the most powerful associative search and data visualization capabilities that allow business users to view their own slice of the underlying data. Visual Intelligence can build QlikView data models in as little as 1-15 working days (depending on availability of the data and complexity of the analytical application) to deploy to users and can train you to do the same. Often single QlikView application can often replace hundreds of reports and the cubes used for those, reduced the need to IT support and time delays. QlikView is a comprehensive business intelligence platform providing powerful business analytics to a broad range of users throughout the organisation. The QlikView suite is designed for the application development and data extractions, efficient information distribution and most powerful analysis for either the power user or end-user. QlikView can be deployed the both offline and online leveraging a range of industry leading technologies. 


Dec 08, 2020 - Dec 02, 2021
Daily 06:00 AM — 06:00 PM
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