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Duration: 2 months

Course Prerequisite- Seeker of Astrology

* Course content


2. Foundation of Astrology


4.Bhava Judgement



7.Grahas in Different Bhavas

Frequency of class per week: WEEKDAY BATCH - Three times a week(for one hour each) | WEEKEND BATCH - Saturday & Sunday (for one n half hour each).

Course Take Away: A course completion certificate from Matri Shakti Jyotish Vidhyalaya on Atam Abhishekam Level I (Foundation course on Vedic astrology)

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Vriddhi Consulting is established to fullfil vision to eradicate the myths related to Astrology and Vastu . The Knowledge should bring light and prosperity in individual life.
Ritu Malhotra: She is a Vedic Astrologer and renowned Vastu Consultant. She is practicing and studying Vedic sciences to predict, guide and motivate people across the world. During her practice, she has predicted many situations and events for her associates and helped them to have better jobs, stable relationships and financial growth.Her Astrological consultations are based upon the concept of Head, Heart and Hands. She not only predicts the events but also guides and motivates people by telling them about their physical constituent, mental makeup and intellectual self. With her experience of Jyotish, Vastu, Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation she believes that all the situations in our lives comes as catalyst and tells us to work on our own hidden sanskaras and vrittis. A Good Astrologer helps to understand your past, accept your piles of karma and work on your future by choosing the right actions and negating further negative karmas by remedies like Meditation, Ayurveda, Gemstones, Mantra, Homa and Yoga (Bhakti, Karma, Gyan, Raj, Kundalini, Swar Yoga). ...

Vriddhi Consulting
SCO 30, 2nd floor SS Omnia Mall, Sector 86, Gurgoan, India 122004
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