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Selenium Automation Testing

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Ended last May 31, 2020


Course Overview

Selenium robotizes programs. That is it! What you do with that force is completely up to you. Basically, it is for robotizing web applications for testing purposes, however is surely not constrained to simply that. Exhausting electronic organization assignments can (and should!) be mechanized also. Selenium has the help of probably the biggest program merchants who have taken (or are taking) strides to make Selenium a local piece of their program. It is likewise the center innovation in innumerable other program robotization instruments, APIs and systems.

Selenium bolsters an assortment of programming dialects using drivers explicit to each language.Languages upheld by Selenium incorporate C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.Currently, Selenium Web driver is generally well known with Java and C#. Selenium test contents can be coded in any of the upheld programming dialects and can be run straightforwardly in most present day internet browsers. Programs bolstered by Selenium incorporate Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Course Outline

Span : 8-9 ends of the week

Sessions :

Ends of the week - 2 every week

Essentials :

Manual testing and Core Java information is an absolute necessity.

Course Curriculum

Prologue to Automation

What is Automation trying?

Downsides of Manual Testing

Preferred position and burden of Automation testing

What experiments can be robotized?

What experiments can't be computerized?

Things to be done before robotization testing

Kinds of Automation Tools

Various Components of Selenium

Selenium IDE


Selenium WebDriver


Selenium IDE Introduction

Prologue to Selenium IDE

Introducing Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE symbols

Make and Execute Basic Scripts o Recording Tests

Running a Test

Selenium Concepts

Component Locators

Selenium Commands Actions



Example Matches

Component Locators

Finding components by ID

Finding components by name

Finding components by connect content

Finding components by XPath

Finding Elements by utilizing CSS


Helpful Selenium Tools

Firebug for Firefox and Chrome

Firepath for xpath age

IE designer device bar


What is Test suite?

Making Test Suite Using Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE Overview

Selenium IDE General Options

Selenium Menu Items


Center Java

Prologue To Core Java

Condition variable arrangement

What is uh oh?

What is a class and article?

What is a fundamental strategy?

Fundamental Example



Administrators Arrays Conditions If-else If – else – If Nested If Select Case Looping Conditions For – Next Do – circle While – circle For Each circle Branching explanations Break Statement Return Statement Continue proclamation

Java Built in techniques String Methods Math object strategies Date and time strategies Oops Concepts Introduction Class Object Keywords This Key Word

Legacy Super Key Word Polymorphism (Over Loading and Over Riding) Abstraction Constructors Encapsulation Abstract Classes Static

Interfaces Working with customary articulations Working with records Working with Files and I/O Working with Excel documents Working with Property records Java Exceptions

WebDriver (Selenium3.0) with Project Implementation

WebDriver Introduction

What is WebDriver?

Why WebDriver?

Contrast among WebDriver and Selenium RC

Design of selenium WebDriver

Arranging WebDriver in Eclipse

Downloading WebDriver Jars and arranging in overshadow

WebDriver Drivers presentation

HTML Driver

Firefox (OR) GeckoDriver

IE (OR) Microsoft Edge Driver

Chrome Driver

Working with IE Driver

Downloading IE driver Server

Arranging IE Driver Server

Essential Example on IE Browser

Working with Chrome Driver Downloading Chrome driver Server

Arranging Chrome Driver Server

Essential Example on Chrome Browser

Idea of firefox profile

What is Firefox profile

Why we need firefox Profile

Essential WebDriver Example

WebDriver Concepts

WebDriver Locators

Finding components by ID

Finding components by Class

Finding components by Tag

Finding components by Name

Finding components by Link Text

Finding components by Partial Link Text

Finding components by XPath

Finding Elements by utilizing CSS

Working with site page components utilizing WebDriver

Textbox Links Buttons Check Box Radio Button List Box Drop Down

Selenium-WebDriver API Commands and Operations

Driver directions like





close(); Quit(); ..and so on. Kid component directions like clear(); sendKeys("Data"); click(); getAttribute("arg"); getTagName(); getText(); isDisplayed(); isEnabled(); isSelected(); … .and so on.

>WebDriver every single other order.

WebDriver Advanced Concepts

Bringing in WebDriver documentation in overshadow

WebDriver DesiredCapabilities Class

Intermediary settings with WebDriver/Working with intermediary Servers

HTMLUnit driver and wanted capacities

Dealing with Links with WebDriver

Dealing with WebList

Dynamic articles

Separating joins and other web-components

Catching screen captures with WebDriver

Window handles

Selected perusing with WebDriver

Case of Tabbed perusing

Spring up dealing with in Selenium

Case of Pop up dealing with

Presenting Implicit pause and Explicit hold up directions

WebDriverWait Class

Presenting Actions class Usage

Reproducing the Keyboard Keypress occasion

Reproducing Pressing Enter Button of Keyboard

Reproducing ClickAndHold occasion

Reproducing MoveToElement/Mouse Over occasion

Reproducing Double snap occasion and so forth.

Reproducing Drag and Drop occasion

Working withWebTable

Step by step instructions to get push tally

Instructions to get information from explicit cell

Dynamic WebTable Handling

Appending documents with Selenium

Working with Calender utilizing Selenium

Setting the page load break WebDriver, Timeout Interface

Taking care of Frames in Web Page

Taking care of treats

Recreating front and back catch click on

Audience members Using WebDriverEventListener

Moving a mouse on an Object and right tapping on it

Discovering Coordinates of a Web Object

Remote WebDriver

Testing Framework

Prologue to TestNG

Contrast among Junit and TestNG

Why TestNG

InstallingTestNG in Eclipse

Favorable circumstances of TestNG over Junit

Investigating TestNG Features

TestNG comments

The most effective method to Use TestNG Annotations for Selenium programming.

TestNG Annotations Complete Usage and Limitations

TestNG Assert directions

Mechanize tests utilizing TestNG.

xml document for suite.

The most effective method to make testSuite for selenium tests.

TestNG Execution Report

TestNG Results yield organizer walkthrough

TestNG Reporting highlights


Introducing Auto IT

Auto IT Overview

Why Auto IT?

AutoIT parts

AutoIT directions

Auto IT Script Examples

Incorporating Auto IT contents

Compose Auto IT programs in Eclipse

Robotization Framework

What is Automation Framework

Points of interest of computerization system

Kinds of computerization system

Particular Driven Framework

Information Driven Framework

Half breed driven structure

Record Handling

When to utilize records?

Make documents in Python

Distinctive document modes for perusing, composing ,annexing

os modules for different capacities

Expel and rename a document

Make registries and sub catalogs

Current registry mode/evacuate indexes

Peruse a .xlsx records

Measured Driven Framework

What is secluded driven system

Make reusable code as strategies

Make test contents by bringing in strategies

Information Driven Framework

What is parameterization?

Kinds of parameterization

Parameterization utilizing Excel

Parameterization utilizing Property records.

Irregular number parameterization

Cross breed Driven Framework

What is Hybrid Driven Framework

Cross breed Driven Framework Implementation

Make Config records

Make Locators

Make libraries records

Make application techniques

Make Global factors

Make Test contents utilizing TestNG Annotations

Make Test Suite utilizing TestNG XML records

Produce Reports

Make Builds utilizing Maven

Selenium Grid

What is Selenium Grid?

Utilization of Selenium Grid?

When to Use It

Selenium-Grid 2.0

Contrast between Selenium-Grid 1.0 and Selenium and 2.0

How Selenium-Grid Works–With a Hub and Nodes


Beginning Selenium-Grid

Designing Selenium-Grid

Center Configuration

Hub Configuration

Getting Command-Line Help

Basic Errors


Executing tests utilizing Selenium-Grid

Selenium RC Overview


How Selenium RC Works


From Selenese to a Program

Programming Your Test

Learning the API

Revealing Results

Adding Some Spice to Your Tests

Server Options

Indicating the Path to a Specific Browser

Selenium RC Architecture

Expert and Jenkins

What is Maven

Distinction among ANT and Maven

Why Maven

Expert establishment

Expert run directions


Expert conditions

All modules installationsCreate fabricates utilizing Maven

Prologue to Jenkins

Instructions to incorporate Selenium and Jenkins

Continuous Process for Automation Testing

Presentation About Framework

What is attainability study

Device Selection criteria

What is POC

Half and half casing work creation

Mechanize Test Cases

Name Conventions

Nearby Scope Variables

Worldwide Scope Variables

Constants factors

General strategies

Item Repository Files

Application strategies

Coding and Commenting Code

Test Scripts Creation

Test Suite Creation.
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