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Coloured Gemstones Identification Course (CGIC)

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Coloured Gemstones Identification Course (CGIC) 

Get the trade oriented training with true, ethical and professional lab standards from India's First Master Trainer by the G&J S council of India with 34 years of Jewellery trade experience as legacy & adding 16 years of teaching experience.

DURATION: 4 Months ( 5 days a week-Tuesday to Saturday)

  • Module I

    • Gemology
    • Minerals
    • Categories of Gemstones
    • General Observations
          Colour, Transparency
          Cutting Style, Phenomena
          Lustre, Dispersion, Heft
          Assembled Stones
    • Physical characteristics
    • Crystallography
    • Light Theory/ Polarization
  • Module II
    • Inclusions- Characteristic/ Diagnostic
    • Equipments
    • Group/Specie/Variety
    • Gemstone Study
          Practical Study of Minimum 850 Stones
    • Identification of Mines/ Sources
    • Identification of Synthetics
          Flame Fusion/Verneuil Process
          Pulled / Czochralski, 
          Skull Melt
          Hydrothermal / Bomb
              Stones Synthesized
              Identification techniques
    •  Gem Enhancement Techniques

          Heat, Radiation, Chemical Diffusion
          Fracture Filling, Bleach, Surface Modification
          Surface Impregnation, Laser Drilling


  • Module III                                                                (Advanced)
    • Fluorescence
    • Pricing/ Valuation
    • Treatments
    • Market Terms/ Indian Trade




Mr. Ashish Kalra
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 HARISON'S DELHI GEM AND JEWELLERY INSTITUTE/ DGL has been established to train and educate people and to serve the gem and jewellery industry. The institute aims to impart quality and professional training based on international standards in various fields related to the gem and jewellery trade that  will help and strengthen your long term stability in the industry.

          Being attached with gem and jewellery trade for more than 32 years, the founders  felt the need for such quality education for gem and jewellery professionals and now with the growing awareness of  this field as a career it is needed to offer quality and professional education. There are very few institutes, which train their students  based on international standards and our idea to set up such a gem and jewellery institute is to provide the same as a practical approach for today's trade.

          The international gem and  jewellery trade is today a fast paced, dynamic, technologically savvy and professionally managed industry. To keep pace with the fast changing environment and global demand for a competitive gem, jewellery and designing technology - ...

DGL/ Delhi Gem & Jewellery Institute
DGL,2021, Bank Street, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, New Delhi, Karol Bagh, India 110005
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