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This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dharamsala program will be the foundation stone in your journey to advance your Yoga practice, and to feel acquainted with different layers of Yogic Art & Science, and also to build Self-confidence in such a way, which will help you find your own unique Expression as an evolution of a Spontaneous Yoga Teacher by finding your voice. 
If you are an aspirant towards the skill of Teaching Yoga, you're in good hands: Since the beginning of our Yoga  Teachers all around the world. We want you to understand the fundamentals of the skills of Teaching, so completion of this program will embark on the Journey of a successful Yoga teaching career.
A lot of people all over the world have accepted that yoga has the power to relax the mind, body, and soul
No formal education or prerequisite to becoming a yoga teacher
Being a yoga teacher, you are like a candle that can bring light to others
By practicing yoga, one can distinguish you from the charisma on the face, the right conduct of actions, and utterance of meaningful words while speaking
As yoga is a unique blend of both spiritual and scientific benefits, learning, practicing
Teaching yoga is considered to be one of the best ways to earn money
Yoga is also a tool to cure various physical and mental diseases
Another beauty of yoga leaning is that it can be taught and learned regardless of the age
Helps in losing weight and making the body flexible
By teaching yoga every day, your body is kept well built physically, free from common diseases
Meditation practices in yoga help a lot to improve one’s self-confidence; conscious breathing throughout the practice activates the brain cells
Yoga helps one to come out from the emotional and sentimental traumas
By teaching yoga it becomes a regular practice and naturally, the balance of mind is cultivated
Your complete lifestyle changes according to the principles in yogic philosophy
Quality of the mind, observational and analytical skills increases, willpower and it automatically increases the self-confidence
A whole positive aura will follow you by practicing the yoga regularly, sincerely with the proper guidance.

Study of Yoga asana (proper alignment, variations, modifications with the ability to minimize the risk of injuries and Hands-on adjustments) 
Art of Yoga sequencing and improvisation in the class 
Observation with specific angles related to a Yoga posture 
Intelligent use of props to help improve Yoga practice at its early stages 
Cultivation of Command through voice modulations 
Yoga Postures with their Sanskrit Names and terminology 
Confidence-building through Yoga practice Yoga teaching 
Yoga Principles of anatomy-physiology and its correlation with Yogic Science. 
Yoga Philosophy, Ideas 
Spirituality and ethics with Business of Yoga.

05:30 am - Wake Up
 06:00 am - Herbal Tea
06:15 am - Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing
06:30 am - Pranayama and Meditation
 07:30 am - Yoga Asana
 09:00 am - Breakfast
10:00 -am - Mantra
11:00 - am - Yoga Philosophy
1:00 pm - Lunch
2: 30 pm - Self-study
3:00 pm Anatomy
 04:00 pm - Yoga 
05:30 pm - Meditation
06:30 pm - Prayer 
07:15 pm - Dinner
 10:00 pm - Lights Off
Your stay at the Yoga Ashram Dharamsala includes:
Clean, comfortable room (hot water / bathroom / Western toilet / sheets / pillows / blankets) *double or single occupancy in Yoga Ashram.
3 healthy and delicious vegetarian meals per day in Yoga Ashram.
Unlimited purified water In Yoga Ashram.
Participation in regular Yoga ashram classes and fire pujas
Use of a yoga hall
Participation in evening programs (music/kirtan Every Day)
Access to Yoga ashram library
Wi-Fi internet laundering access (Self Service) in Yoga Ashram.

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OM Yoga Ashram is an especially beautiful Yoga Ashram in the Mcleodganj Himalaya Valley just north of Dharamsala, H.P. India. It is tucked into the hillside near Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamsala 2 km from the quaint international epicenter of McLeod Ganj Dharamsala, where the main Temple of H.H. the Dalai Lama Mcleodganj attracts people from all over the world.
The OM Yoga Ashram is surrounded by the magnificent beauty of nature with green rolling hills, majestic trees, and an adjacent stream. Magnificent views over Dal Lake Mcleodganj and the Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh. complete the experience. This setting offers a peaceful and inspiring place to learn and practice Yoga Meditation. The sound of the river and birds singing, with the sun shining through green leaves allows one to Yoga Meditation retreat from worldly cares and go deeper into the Yoga study and practice of Yoga and Meditation. Although OM Yoga Ashram offers an opportunity to Yoga Meditation Retreat, it also provides all modern amenities including wi-fi.
After productive, full days immersed in all aspects of comprehensive, spiritual yoga, evenings will be relaxing, fun and enriching. Together, everyone will enjoy kirtan, singing Bhajans around the natural wood fire sipping hot masala chai. Stories of the Hindu deities will be shared for a deeper understanding of Yoga. There will be a chance for open discussion of Yoga and it's beneficial influence around the world. ...
Om Yoga Ashram
Near Dal Lake, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India 176216
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