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Drawing Analysis
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Opening Minds, Transforming Lives

Launched in 2006 by Mr. Anal M. Pandit, Institute of Graphological Research was the manifestation of a vision.  A Vision to create a “Positive Change” in the lives of people.  Institute recognized that every person holds within him/herself the potential to be a winner and if one could help the person realize his/her true potential, the process of transformation would be triggered.

Today this is the “Success Mantra” of Institute - “Transformation”.  Institute of Graphological Research believes in the saying “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”

Armed with “Handwriting Analysis Technique”, an exceptional tool to initiate change at the very core of a person, Institute has created powerful attitudinal changes in Thousands of individuals. When the employee is transformed, the organization is transformed. When an Individual is transformed, the family is transformed.  A teacher is transformed, all students get transformed.

Institute offer many Training Modules in Graphology for the Individuals, School & College Teachers, Police Officers as well as Corporate.

Institute has been recognized to train the Police Officers of State of Maharashtra & State of Goa. ...

Institute of Graphological Research
Mumbai, India
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