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DTC (Diploma in Technical Communication) is training program, conceptualized and designed by Technowrites. It is two months, comprehensive training program. Training is ten hours per week. This training is stepping stone for your Technical Writing career. This intensive training is designed for graduates and undergraduates who aspire to move into the emerging and well-paid field of Technical Communication. Training is available in classroom model as well as virtual classroom model.

The Diploma course is comprehensive in knowledge and the skills that it delivers through an education created in a professional environment. It is a course that gets the best out of the writer in you. It opens the doors to limitless possibilities and leverages your potential to a level where you can call yourself a Technical writer ready to adapt and deliver. Another way of putting it is that we offer you a career full of monetary and intellectual growth. It is our mission to produce Technical writers who are rich in writing competence and have the aptitude to learn new skills.

Our Partnership with Adobe Technical Communication: Adobe has partnered with Technowrites to provide licenses of Technical Communication Suite of Products to our students during training. We trust that this partnership will help our students to learn on the latest versions. We are sure that this quality training will lay a strong foundation for students’ careers. In addition to the licensed applications, our students will also be benefit from Adobe’s Blogs, technical support, webinars, and other community support activities. 

Placement Assistance:

Technowrites provides placement assistance to its students. For details refer to Placements tab.

Internship: We invite the best of our students to join Technowrites team on a 6 months internship program. As a student you get the advantage of an immediate placement with us, and the benefit of our continuous training. You also start earning immediately.

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Technowrites was started in November 1994 by Mak as a freelancing activity and was made private limited company in 1999. We have done several domestic and international projects in last 20 years. We have more than 350 clients; including India’s top 10 IT companies, leading Indian companies, defense organizations and 18 global Fortune 500 companies. Today Technowrites has a group of companies that offer training and value-added services.

Mission :- To simplify technology and empower users.

Vision :- To build a world-class knowledge management and training company that can rival universities.

Our Experience :- Completed More than 500 successful short-term projects,200 long-term projects,10 successful consulting assignments and 50 successful training programs.

Our Stepup :-

Take advantage of our existing setup including hardware, software, templates, processes, and team.

Project Tracking & Reporting :-

Online Project Tracking and Reporting Support available.

Benefits :- 

1. Zero Investment in Resources
2. Trained Resources
3. Commited Team
4. Training on Demand
5. Consultancy on Demand
6. Scalability
7. Review Support on Demand
Technowrites Pvt Ltd
2nd Floor,Bhawkar Bhavan,Near Agriculture College, Opposite Hand Made Paper Institute,Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411005
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