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What is this workshop about?

BIM(Building Information Modelling) is the trending concept in Civil Engineering where we can generate and manage digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of Structural Elements. BIM Model holds all the information about a structure. This model will have thousands of information stored in it related to the structure, right from the smallest nut and bolt, to the largest concrete column in the building.

This interactive workshop accompanied with actual case studies introduces Civil Engineering students the techniques involved in acquiring the informations about the Structures by using BIM models, and exposing them to the various roles of a BIM engineer.

Course Highlights
  • Learn what BIM is all about and how to interpret it
  • Understand different functionalities of BIM
  • Learn how to Mass model a structure using Morph tool
  • Generation of 3D Documents from floor plans for execution
  • This workshop gives you a unique opportunity to experience what happens in a real life execution of projects using BIM Documents
Course Structure
  • Lecture Session - 2 Hrs
  • Practical Session (Hands-on session on industry grade software) - 13.5 Hrs
  • Certificate Distribution - 0.5 Hr
Topics Covered
  • Lecture Session
    • Building Information Modelling
      • Introduction
      • BIM in Construction Management
    • Interpretation of BIM
    • Benefits of BIM
    • Virtual Prototyping of Models
    • Collaboration and Information Management
    • Potential of BIM enabled Models
  • Practical Session (using Industry-grade software)
    • Mass Modeling with Morph toolt
    • Solid Element Operations
    • Creation of sections, elevations
    • Modelling the Terrain-Creating Site
    • Creating various structural elements with preloaded data
    • Generate 3D documents from Floor Plans
    • Interactive Scheduling and Visualization
    • Building the models with sections, elevations etc.
    • Refining Surfaces and Publishing
    • Usage of Profiled Elements and Rendering
    • Case studies on Industrial projects
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