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Maya software Course Contents
  • Introduction to Maya software
  • UI/Object Management
  • UI Elements
  • Viewport Display Types
  • Object Selection
  • Pivots
  • Object Organization
  • Scene Setup/Layout
  • 2D Nurbs Curve Tools
  • Object Cloning
  • Polygon Tools
  • Modeling Tools
  • Polygon Modeling Tools
  • Polygon Information
  • Polygon Surface Editing
  • Smooth Mesh in the Attribute editor for Polygons
  • Polygon Components
  • Modeling Aids
  • Camera Types
  • Camera Attributes
  • Camera Settings
  • Light Types
  • Shadows
Materials / Shading
  • Functions
  • Shading UI
  • Shading Components
  • Material Attributes
  • UV Texture Editor
Rigging / Setup
  • Identify Bones
  • Identify IK Handle bones or controls
  • Identify Skin
  • Key framing Basics
  • Creating Animation: Key framing
  • Editing Animation: Key framing
  • Editing Animation: Graph Editor
  • Creating Animation: Motion Paths
  • Render Settings
  • Renderer
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