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Chinese for Business

Learn common  Chinese business phrases and understand Chinese culture so you can communicate professionally in the largest market in the world.

Take the next step in learning  Chinese and expand your language skills so you can effectively communicate in Chinese business.

In this language training, you will learn common phrases and scenarios of business and negotiation in Chinese speaking countries. You will also learn about Chinese business culture and etiquette and the needs of businessmen and women.

China is the world’s second-largest economy. China’s population, market, industries and trade are all booming and it is the new land of opportunity. This makes learning  Chinese and specifically Chinese for business purposes an extremely valuable investment for your future.

Available at all levels, our business Chinese courses teach Chinese language through a variety of relevant business topics in the Chinese context, and will expose you to an overview of China’s changing environment and current business practices.

Business Intensive 

Four group lessons a day focusing on Chinese general conversational skills as well as an additional daily private lesson to cover business Chinese or any other topic of interest such as Chinese history, culture, HSK preparation etc.

Executive Private Tutoring

1-on-1, or 1-on-more, our private tutoring option is the most flexible option and suited to busy lifestyles. The learning pace and content is individually designed according to your requirements and is available at our location and by your schedule.

Corporate Programs

The preferred Chinese training partner to over 100 international corporations nationwide and a dedicated VIP department that works direct with your team to provide world-class, personalised service, Mandarin House has the expertise you need.

Business Chinese Test
Business Chinese Test , an  test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities to use the Chinese language in real business or common working environments.BCT is divided into writing and oral tests, which are independent to each other. The writing test consists of two levels, namely, BCT (A)and BCT (B).BCT(Oral iBT)are Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) and conducted via Internet.
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