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Introduction to System Center 2016 Operations Manager

  • History and Evolution of System Center (SCOM 2007, 2010, 2012)
  • System Center 2016 Product Suite
  • System Center 2016 Operations Manager
  • System Center 2016 Capabilities

Plan an Operations Manager 2016 Deployment

  • Defining the Operations Manager 2016 Core Components
  • Designing for High Availability
  • Defining Core Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Designing Network Device Monitoring Requirements
  • Designing UNIX/LINUX Monitoring Requirements
  • Designing Windows-Based Monitoring Requirements

Deploy Operations Manager 2016

  • Reviewing Environmental Prerequisites
  • Installing Operations Manager 2016
  • Verifying Operations Manager 2016 Installation and Additional Configuration
  • Creating and Using Run as Accounts
  • Implementing Active Directory Integration
  • Designing and Implementing Role-Based Administration

Deploy the Operations Manager 2016 Agent

  • Installing Agents & Installing Agents with a script
  • Create an AD Directory Based Agent Assignment Account
  • Reviewing the Operations Manger 2016 Agent
  • Deploying the Operations Manager 2016 Agent
  • Introducing Agent Failover

Deployment and Administration of Monitoring (Management) Packs

  • Introducing Monitoring (Management) Packs
  • Understanding Most Commonly Used Monitoring (Management) Packs
  • Modifying and Expanding Monitoring (Management) Packs: Overrides
  • Monitoring (Management) Pack Administration Best Practices
  • Structure of a Management Pack
  • Management Pack Files
  • Management Pack Elements & Types of Management Packs
  • Management Pack Schema
  • Characteristics of Sealed Management Pack Files
  • Enable the management pack to be referenced by other management packs
  • When to Seal a Management Pack File
  • Targets and Objects
  • Understanding Classes and Objects
  • Object, Class and Base Classes
  • Work with classes in the Operations console
  • Where the monitor or rule will run
  • Workflow targeted at single/multiple instances
  • What properties will be available for the expression and the alert description
  • Viewing Classes and Objects
  • To create a monitor or rule that runs on agents in a group
  • Selecting a group for a monitoring wizard
  • Management Pack Templates
  • Object Templates (Synthetic Transactions/E2E)

Tune Monitoring (Management) Packs

  • Introducing Alerts
  • Tuning a Monitoring (Management) Pack
  • Using Operations Manager Baseline Monitors and Rules
  • Documenting Changes to Monitoring (Management) Packs
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities in SCOM

Monitor Administration

  • Exploring the Operations Console – Monitoring Pane
  • Administering Alerts
  • Exploring Agent-Based Monitoring
  • Alert data management (number of alerts each MP has generated, number of alerts generated by a monitor/rule with in each MP etc.)
  • Customizing the Monitoring Pane
  • Health and Performance Monitoring (CPU, memory, Disk, Network, Processes & Other System parameters)
  • Monitoring Unix/Linux Servers with SCOM 2016
  • SNMP Devices

Ø  Trap, Get and Set OID the right way

Ø  Use the new SNMP Authoring Tool

Ø  Network Monitoring, Discovery rules, views and using advanced port monitoring

  • Builtin Rules:
  • Rule: Optimize Indexes. Partitioning and Grooming, Alert Auto Resolve Execute All, Detect and Fix Object Space Inconsistencies, Discovery Data Grooming, Maintenance Mode, Transfer Events
  • Optimizing SCOM for more than 1000 agents


  • Using Operations Manager 2016 Reporting
  • Administering Reports
  • Customizing Reports
  • Advanced Reporting

Ø  Create a Maintenance Mode Report with historical data

Notifications and Operations Manager 2016 Maintenance

  • Introducing Alert Notifications
  • Designing Maintenance and Disaster Recovery
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