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The ideal candidate will be trained by the best minds in the industry and can grab a chance to be engaged in the community of Scrum experts. The professional will also gain access to the local groups, networks and resources which are available only to Scrum Alliance members. Our program is designed to provide an in depth knowledge of the practices used in Scrum along with its practical implementation for complete understanding.

Scrum is an Agile Framework which is being used not only for software development projects but also for handling other complex business scenarios which occur on a day to day basis. The CSM training and certification program will provide a deep insight of the Scrum framework.

Who Should Attend Certified Scrum Master Training ?
  • CSM Certification and training is ideal for those candidates who want to expand their career opportunities in Project management.
  • Project managers/Team Leaders/IT Managers/Department Heads, so that they can use their knowledge of Scrum Framework and save team from internal and external distractions.
  • The training can be acquired by Team members who are prepared to incorporate Scrum practices and values for enhanced productivity.
  • Members of the Scrum teams such as developers, ScrumMasters and Product Owners.
  • Managers who are managing Scrum teams.
  • Teams who are transitioning to Scrum Methodology.
  • Those professionals who intend to learn Agile framework and its application.
What are the benefits of learning Certified Scrum Master ?
  • CSM program will provide you a deep understanding of the Scrum Framework and its implementation.
  • The certification helps in learning the foundation of Scrum and the scope of a ScrumMaster from the experts in the industry.
  • Practical knowledge can be gained by studying real life examples from CSTs (Certified scrum Trainers) in the industry.
  • Gain global recognition as CSM certified professional.
  • Two year membership with Scrum Alliance.
  • The training and certification program will provide the professional an opportunity to connect with Scrum experts in the industry.
  • Through the certification, you can be part of social networks and local user groups.
  • Extensive 16 – hour training and certification program.
  • After completing CSM training and certification you will be qualified enough and will be ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Course Objectives
  • Initiate, plan and lead a Scrum project
  • Establish planning a release with Agile user stories and story points
  • Manage and motivate teams in Scrum planning Sprints and retrospectives
  • Identify and involve the various stakeholders to collaborate in the Scrum project
  • Create an enabling environment for creativity and performance of Scrum team
  • Ceremonies and Scrum Artifacts
You Get
  • 16 SEUs
  • 2 years of Membership of the Scrum Alliance
  • Link to the Scrum Alliance Certification Examination
  • Scrum Alliance approved course material
  • Hard copy
  • Soft copy


The Agile History

Introduction to Scrum

  • Waterfall vs. Agile
  • Agile manifesto
  • The principle of Scrum
  • User stories : definition, description, epics, themes, the iceberg effect
  • Product backlog, prioritization techniques
  • Sprint, Sprint backlog

Planning & Estimation

  • The Scrum Rules of estimation
  • The Chart of effectiveness
  • Planning poker exercise
  • How to plan properly
  • Capacity handling

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Scrum team
  • Scrum master
  • Product owner
  • Stakeholders
  • Users
  • Definition of done


  • Review meeting
  • Retrospective meeting
  • Planning meeting
  • Scrum stand-up meeting
  • Scrum of Scrums meeting
  • Sprint celebration meeting

Scrum Artifacts

  • Burn down chart
  • Sprint backlog
  • Product backlog
  • Product burn down chart
  • Task board
  • Visual board
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