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The two days comprehensive program is designed with lot of research and development to equip the participants with the features, functions, formulas to work fast and smart. Participants will also learn how to create a usable and realistic schedule, to base line and monitor the progress. Besides levelling the resources and customise the views and reporting suitable to the organisation can be the best take-away.

Who Can Attend:

Engineers, managers, Project management executives, MBA professionals, Analysts



Exploring Project Management Industry Standards

Key Project Management Concepts

a. What is Project?

b. Project vs Operations

c. What is Project Management?

d. Typical Project Life Cycle

Microsoft Project - At a Glance What's New in Microsoft Project 2010


a. Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013 Fluent User Interface

b. Exploring the Microsoft Projects 2013 Views

c. Microsoft Project 2013 Tables

d. The Backstage View

e. Make It Yours – Customize/Personalize the Ribbon and Quick Launch Bar

f. Project’s Help Feature

Planning Your Project:

1. Principles of Project Planning

2. Creating a Project plan

3. Overview of Information available

4. Screen navigation and management

Tracking your Project

1. Creating, saving and updating Baseline Plans

2. Posting Progress

3. Understanding Task Variance

4. Handling Rescheduling and Project updates

5. Keeping Projects on Track (monitoring, flagging and critical issues)

6. Identifying resource over-allocation issues

7. Resource Levelling and fixing resource over-allocation

Reporting, Filters and Working with Project Tables

1. Working with Standard Reports

2. Working with Customised Reports

3. Creating your own Reports

4. Applying, editing and removing custom Filters and AutoFilters

5. Creating and modifying tables

Managing Multiple Projects 

1. Understanding Resource Pools

2. Linking multiple Projects to the Resource Pool

3. Working with Master Projects and sub-projects

4. Mission Control: working with the Master Project and Multi-Project


Data Manipulation and Customisation

1. Inserting, hiding and un-hiding field columns and column properties

2. Applying functions to fields

3. Setting up your project using customised fields

4. Exporting/ Importing data to and from Microsoft Excel

5. Distributing Project plans as images

Advanced Customisation of Microsoft Project

1. Using Custom Groups

2. Customising filters and using interactive filters

3. Customising tables, reports and views

4. Using the Organiser

5. Customising fields

Integrating Project with other application

1. Import/ Export to Microsoft Excel

2. Creating Import/Export Maps

3. Linking between Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel

4. Importing tasks from Microsoft Outlook

5. Saving a Project as html for the Web

6. Adding Project images to web pages

Working With Forms

1. Using Custom Forms

2. Adding New Custom Forms

3. Adding Items onto Forms

4. Managing Forms using the Organiser

Using Project templates

1. View and discuss MS Project Templates

2. Create, save and use Templates

Project toolbars

1. Adding graphics with the Graphics Toolbar

2. Using Built-In Toolbars (Resource Management, Analysis, Currency

Converter, PERT Analysis (2002/2003, 2007 only), Comparing Project

Versions, Network Diagrams)

3. Customising and creating Toolbars and Menus

All work related doubts and Queries can be discussed.

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