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This course gives fundamental ArcObjects concepts with a focus on developing custom GIS applications using ArcGIS Desktop and the Microsoft .NET Framework. In course, you will work and explore developer resources and ArcGIS desktop controls to create custom GIS applications. This include map creation, adding layer to map, feature selection and rendering, geoprocessing operations, data editing, and geodatabase creation. This course teaches the solid conceptual knowledge of ArcObjects architecture which is applicable for development of ESRI product like ArcGIS Sever, Arc Engine etc.

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206, Kedar Empire, Thorat colony,
Erandwane, Karve Road, Pune.

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  1. Module 1: ArcGIS Desktop fundamentals

  2. Module 2: Working with COM

  3. Module 3: Working with Desktop commands

  4. Module 4: Exploring ArcObjects & Object Model Diagram

  5. Module 5: Working with Maps & Layers

  6. Module 6: Working with map Symbology

  7. Module 7: Extending the editor

  8. Module 8: Working with shapes

  9. Module 9: Extending the Geodatabase

  10. Module 10: Working with querying & selection

  11. Module 11: Working with Layouts

  12. Module 12: Introduction to ArcSDE

Module 13: Introduction to ArcGIS Server
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The KIG was set up in 2009 in Mumbai. It started out by offering short-term GIS training programs and for professional, students and corporate business sector. KIG is to address all type of training need of geospatial marketplaces. This includes software training and research in the field of:

  • Geographic information System (GIS)
  • Open source GIS
  • Remote Sensing
  • Photogrametry
  • Global Position System (GPS)
  • Arial Surveying and LiDAR
  • Advanced Surveying Technologies and Instruments
  • Application specific Training i.e. GIS for Urban Planning, Surveying
Khagolam Instiute of Geoinformatics
214, Sidivinayak Sankul, Oakbag, Kalyan West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 421301
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