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The program gives security awareness to the basic computer user and helps them in securely connecting to another system over a network. The course helps them to leverage on their basic system knowledge and get a deeper understanding on using computing resources by educating them on practicality of security and networking. This certification empowers you with the practical knowledge required to compute securely, network efficiently and be in control of the computing environment on your own.


The CSCU program is primarily for those individuals who use computer and internet at home, office, or school. The program involves the students into an interactive environment where they get a basic understanding of various computer and network security threats such as virus and backdoors, identity theft, online banking phishing scams, credit card fraud, online sex-offenders, e-mail hoaxes, loss of confidential information, social engineering, hacking attacks etc.
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This is the time of the most techno-savvy generation where almost all industries and businesses are totally driven by technology. Technology is evolving like never before. We at Inter-Networkz, a next generation premium technology training company, are focused primarily on quality training on the latest and current technologies in the Network Engineering domain. This technology domain is growing. The need for network engineering professionals is on the rise like never before. Our endless pursuit for the best quality has led us to deliver world class training.
In this regard, we have provided our students with the best technology focused curriculum supported by one of the best network and security technology lab and super certified, highly experienced trainers. We have wide spectrum of courses ranging from a 5 day program to Diploma, Bachelors and Masters programs. Our infrastructure provides the right ambience for learning. Our friendly staff will help you and guide you through your training tenure and make you feel at home.
Inter-Networkz (A division of Covenant Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
Bangalore, India 560001
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