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Ayurveda, the science of life has evolved from the quest of man to have a happy and healthy life. The scientific Ayurveda began in the Vedic period and has defined life as a manifestation
of union of soul, mind and body. 
Ahara (wholesome food), nidra (Optimum sleep) and brahmacharya (selective Celibacy) are the three important sub pillars of ayurveda for the maintenance of the health. Along with diet, dinacharya and rtucharya has been given important role in the maintenance of disease.
Human body gets nourishment  by assimilating nutrients from food we eat and water we drink. Wholesome food is the cause for excellence in health and unwholesome is responsible for causing many diseases. Ayurveda has developed the wisdom of dietetics on the basis of various natural perceptions.



Dr. Suvarna Gosavi
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The Institute of Beauty  Health & Ayurveda was established under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjeev Gosavi & Dr. Suvarna Gosavi  in Pune City. Both  faculty  members are Ayurvedic  Doctors  with years of clinical experience.The institute is committed to providing  students with the authentic & scientific Ayurvedic education & practical training.Ever since the inception of our institute we have been providing high quality education based on sincerity manner.Our students come from all walks of life including registered doctors, aestheticians and therapists.We have trained Ayurveda doctors,aestheticians and foreign students from France, Portugal, UK, USA, Brazil and Israel in the field of Ayurvedic beauty therapy.
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