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"Always wanted to play guitar like Slash, Guthrie or even Clapton, but never knew where to learn? 

Did a beginner’s course in Guitar and found it too complicated? 

Beginner Classes are open

  • Admissions for March, April and May 2023 are open.

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Riff Guru is one of Bengaluru's highest rated Music Schools and Guitar  learning programs.

What began as basic Guitar training, soon flourished across three continents and went on to train over 100 students.

Today Riff Guru is one of Bengaluru's foremost Guitar learning centers with a structured set of programs across basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

From classical Carnatic Sangeetham to Beethoven, Soft Rock  Metal, Jazz, Reggae etc. We offer a diverse set of programs to people all over the world.

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