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Applied Anatomy Program for Therapeutic Massage or Clinical Yoga

Online Training by  Nirvana School
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Anatomy for Mobility, Balance & Stability

Training Descriptions

10 days program with focus on body mobility issues , anatomy & workarounds for assessment, evaluation of body posture for safer recovery without pain & injuries.

The program involves anatomy of major muscles from clinical prospective, allows you to understand the science behind different restriction in motion of painful conditions.

In this course you will learn about :

  • 20Hours of Formal training
  • Includes foundation of energy meridians, Major confluent & Distal point
  • Foundation of Accupuncture & Accupressure 
  • Energy flow meridians & pain issues due to obstruction in pathways
  • Focus on Body Mobility issues
  • Stress & Flexibility ,Antifrigility , Tensgrity
  • Major Body posture anomalies
  • Safe workarounds Backpain, Shoulder , Neck & Thorasic
  • Anatomy of Muscles , Bones & Joints
  • Posture Assessment strategies
  • Avoiding injuries in Knees , Lower back , Wrists & much more.
  • Using Effortless ways to deliver Massage sessions
  • Learn Deep & Superficial fascia lines & their connection
  • Common practices in Physical Therapy
  • Structural Imbalance Patterns & therapy roadmap

For Yogic courses we will focus on major joint mobility, common injuries , major workarounds to avoid them.

Like in Yoga forward bend, back-bend , spinal twist in supine & sitting poses, inversion & balancing poses may have challenges due to restricted mobility.

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Nirvana - School Of Thai Massage & Yoga (SOTYM) is a place for learning the wisdom of Thai Yoga Massage and Clinical Bodywork  & Mindfulness.

Our core philosophy is based on, " Siddharth Gautam also needed to relax & calm his mind before he could attain enlightenment. To reach a state of peace, serenity and equanimity, you need to be well centered & balanced from inside. Liberation from cravings not only balances your mind, but also frees you from gross emotions. When we release trapped energies from our channels , we have so much surplus energy left, that was earlier fueling our untamed mind, is now available across all energy channels that can heal us on physical and emotional level."

Nirvana School offers courses in ThaiYoga Massage , TokSen , Guasha , '0' Effort Massage, Applied Anatomy, Sports Medicine & Yoga.

These practices are based on  the ancient art of Energy lines aka Sen Lines or Meridians. Meridians are the basic foundations over which Acupressure or Acupuncture are taught at schools.  

Gratitude and Submission towards the teacher & knowledge are fundamentals needed before going for enrollment. Its not a Issue of money or grades. Your reason for pursuing the course (SOP - State of purpose) decides whether you will be accepted by teachers or not.  ...
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