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PMI-PgMP Certification and Training

Online Certification by  Tromenz Learning
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Our PgMP training program is designed to ensure that you pass the PgMP exam on your first attempt. The PgMP coaching helps you improve your potency and efficiency as a program manager, and allows you to advance the strategic goals of your specific organization. Upon completion of the course, you will definitely be able to demonstrate your proficiency or ability in effectively as well as efficiently managing multiple, related or connected projects and aligning program activities with business goals in mind.

This PgMP Certification training module will give a brief knowledge of the Tromenz PgMP course online that enables candidates to develop professionally, increase their program management skills, and apply for the certification online. It will guide you through the various digital contents provided by PMI for this PgMP course online.


Lesson 1 Overview of PgMP Certification Course

Topic-1 Why Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification

Topic-2 PgMP Certification Journey

Topic-3 PgMP Credential Exam Fee Structure

Topic-4 Calculating the Experience Hours

Topic-5 PgMP Exam (Evaluation Level-Two)

Topic-6 Study Tips and Test-Taking Tips

Topic-7 Test Taking Strategy

Topic-8 Eco Task One, SPM Topic-3.Topic-1 Organization Strategy and Program Alignment

Topic-9 Program Lifecycle Management Tasks

Topic-10 Eco Tasks Seven to Fifteen

Topic-11 Eco Tasks Sixteen to Twenty Four

Topic-12 Eco Tasks Twenty Five to Thirty

Topic-13 Eco Tasks Thirty One to Thirty Five

Topic-14 ECO Task One, SPM Five point One Program Stakeholder Identification

Topic-15 Topic-5 ECO Task One, SPM Six Point One Point One Establishing a Program Governance Plan

Topic-16 Key Takeaway

Lesson 2 Introduction to Program Management

Topic-1 Overview of program management

Topic-2 Program Management Activities, Examples and Ground Rules

Topic-3 Portfolio, Program and Project Relationship

Topic-4 Comparative Overview of Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Topic-5 Project, Program, and Portfolio Supporting Organizational Strategy

Topic-6 Program Management Activities and Benefits

Topic-7 Overview of Program Management and PMO

Topic-8 Key Takeaway

lesson 3 Program Management Performance Domain

Topic-1 Overview of Program Management

Topic-2 Program Life Cycle Phases

Topic-3 More About Program Lifecycle Phases

Topic-4 Comparative Overview of Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Topic-5 Key Takeaway

Case Study One

Lesson 4 Program Strategy Alignment

Topic-1 Overview of Program Strategy

Topic-2 Elements of Program Strategy Alignment

Topic-3 Overview of Program Charter

Topic-4 Overview of Environmental Analysis

Topic-5 Overview of Program Management Strategy

Topic-6 Overview of Program Risk

Topic-7 Key Takeaway

Lesson 5 Program Benefits Management

Topic-1 Overview of Benefits

Topic-2 Overview of Program Benefits Management

Topic-3 Benefits Identification, Register, Analysis, and Planning

Topic-4 Overview of Benefits Delivery

Topic-5 More About Program Benefits

Topic-6 Key Takeaways

Lesson 6 Program Stakeholder Engagement

Topic-1 Overview of Program Stakeholder

Topic-2 More About Program Stakeholder

Topic-3 Overview of Stakeholder Analysis

Topic-4 Stakeholder Engagement Planning and Assessment Matrix

Topic-5 Overview of Program Stakeholder Engagement

Topic-6 Program Stakeholder Communications and Public Participation Spectrum

Topic-7 Key Takeaway

Case Study Two

Case Study Three

Lesson Topic-7 Program Governance

Topic-1 Overview of Program Governance

Topic-2 Program Governance Practices - Part One

Topic-3 Program Governance Practices - Part Two

Topic-4 Program Governance Practices - Part Three

Topic-5 Overview of Program Governance Roles, Board, and Board Structure

Topic-6 Overview of Program Management Office (PMO)

Topic-7 Overview of Program Governance Design and Implementation

Case Study Four

Case Study Five

Lesson 8 Program Lifecycle Management

Topic-1 Overview of Program Lifecycle

Topic-2 Overview of Program Definition, Formulation, and Preparation

Topic-4 Overview of Program Integration Management and Infrastructure Development

Topic-5 Overview of Program Delivery Management

Topic-6 More About Program Delivery Management

Topic-7 Overview of Program Closeout

Topic-8 Key Takeaway

Lesson 9 Program Management Supporting Processes - Program Definition Phase

Topic-1 Overview of Program Definition (Formulation) Phase

Topic-2 Program Definition (Formulation) Phases Activities - Program Scope Management Planning

Topic-3 Overview of Program Schedule Management

Topic-4 Overview of PMBOK® Scheduling Concepts

Topic-5 Program Financial Management and Cost Estimation

Topic-6 Program Financial Framework Establishment

Topic-7 Program Financial Management Plan Development

Topic-8 Program Quality Management Planning

Topic-9 Program Resource Management Planning

Topic-10 Program Communications Management Planning

Topic-11 Program Risk Management Planning

Topic-12 Risk Management Governance

Topic-13 Program Procurement Management Planning

Topic-14 Program Information Management Planning

Topic-15 Key Takeaway

Lesson 10 Program Management Supporting Processes - Program Delivery Phase

Topic-1 Overview of Program Delivery Phase Activities

Topic-2 Overview of Program Scope Monitoring and Controlling

Topic-3 Overview of Program Schedule Monitoring and Controlling

Topic-4 Component Cost Estimation

Topic-5 Overview of Program Financial Monitoring and Controlling

Topic-6 Overview of Change Request

Topic-7 Overview of Earned Value Management

Topic-8 More About Earned Value Management

Topic-9 To Complete Performance Index (TCPI)

Topic-10 Overview of Program Quality Assurance

Topic-11 Overview of Program Quality Control

Topic-12 Program Resource Management and Resource Prioritization=

Topic-13 Program Communication Management

Topic-14 Information Gathering and Retrieval Systems

Topic-15 Overview of Program Reporting

Topic-16 Overview of Program Risk Monitoring and Controlling

Topic-17 Overview of Risk Register

Topic-18 Overview of Program Risk Identification

Topic-19 Overview of Risk Identification Techniques

Topic-20 Overview of Program Risk Analysis

Topic-21 Overview of Risk Categories

Topic-22 Quantitative Risk Analysis and Modelling Techniques

Topic-23 Overview of Risk Analysis

Topic-24 Risk Escalation and Program Risk Response Management

Topic-25 Overview of Program Procurement

Topic-26 More About Program Procurement

Topic-27 Overview of Program Contacts Administration

Topic-28 more of Program Contacts Administration

Topic-29 Key Takeaway

Case Study Six

Case Study Seven

Lesson 11 Program Management Supporting Processes - Program Closure Phase


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The organization is headquartered in Herndon, VA, and is spread across more than 60 countries, including North America, Canada, and Asia Pacific. It has a track record of training thousands of professionals successfully via classroom and online training.

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